Explore to Exploit

For the sake of advancing AI

We are doing this R&D work partly to make demonstrations of more advanced AI systems. We expect that our stance on AI will not necessarily be a popular one. But this is an important “minor” strand of AI research dating back to Alan Turing:

“As time goes on the [computer] itself will take over the functions both of [programmers] and of [users]…The [programmers] are liable to get replaced because as soon as any technique becomes at all stereotyped it becomes possible to devise a system of instruction tables which will enable the electronic computer to do it for itself. It may happen however that the [programmers] will refuse to do this. They may be unwilling to let their jobs be stolen from them in this way. In that case they would surround the whole of their work with mystery and make excuses, couched in well chosen gibberish, whenever any dangerous suggestions were made.” – Alan Turing, 1947.

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