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Emacs Hyper Notebook

We are developing a better way to do “Jupyter notebooks” using Emacs. This recovers some of the Research Collab ideas developed by Aaron Krowne. It should integrate features such as writing and task management (e.g., Org) Program evaluation (e.g., Maxima), Typesetting and presentation (e.g., slides via LaTeX), and navigation (e.g., Org Roam for displaying topics as a graph). We should be clear that the various technologies used are slot-fillers and they might be replaced with other things, or augmented (e.g., Lean for formal verification of some of the above?). A useful input to this process would be implementation of examples without integration. This can then be redone in a more integrated fashion.

An integration using existing technologies will have limitations, once we have this demos then we will see some of the gaps and how more advanced tech could be useful. (For example, Ray’s work with Gerschom could turn out to be useful here.)

Partial prototypes

How far can we go…

Can we integrate it with existing tools? Do Lenses help with this? Would it play a role as a backend system?

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