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Code sharing platform

Cameron shared ideas about a code-sharing platform. For now we have a Github organisation (https://github.com/exp2exp), as well as a separate repo that contains these Org Roam notes, among other things.


  • Nextjournal is interesting
  • It’s like a Jupyter notebook
  • It’s like Org Bable so you can run code in any language within the same environment
  • If I need to add a bash cell to a Julia notebook, it adds a kernel as needed at the run time
  • If I install a bunch of libraries, and save the current environment in a docker container, you can import it
  • It doesn’t yet have an easy way to make an app?

What if you had a browser based version of Org Bable?

  • You could have your notebook, backed by the ability to use Emacs


  • Setting up a data science experiment
  • Wadler et al. course in Agda in NextJournal
  • But you can’t easily treat this as ‘Org Roam’ (no bi-directional things)