Explore to Exploit


Business ideas:

  • Launch some version of the Emacs Hyper Notebook as a cloud service: maybe build it first and test it first.
  • Develop a user interface on top of more advanced data analysis tools.
  • The focus is on the infrastructure that allows you to convert a graph into a neural network or whatever.

Relationship to purpose

Understanding how the business activities relate to the purpose? E.g., if our purpose is as stated in the Why not what page, we might nevertheless do things that appear unrelated to serve customer needs in the mean time.


  • Going around and creating customers by talking to businesses, saying “Using AI we can optimize this, this, this, and this, saving you this much money.” Or rather than generic “AI” we might take an approach more related to “modelling”. And is it modelling documents or processes or what?
    • Many companies hardly use any AI, let alone deep learning. If you can hustle and sell things, this can work.

Different kinds of users

  • Advanced STAN users
  • People who don’t know how to do data analysis but who can make graphs
  • Zans: General theory-informed algorithms (e.g., apply category theory to scientific models).
    • K framework: Have transformations for any language you define in it.
    • HtDP is similar applied to programming teaching. Start with PL theory and then find universal things.
    • How can we define statistics in a general way and then derive things from it? (E.g., Anglican probabilistic programming?)
  • James Fairbanks (relate it to Betancourt).
  • Be wary of competing with things like Roam, though some level of competition is intrinsic in business.
  • Roam scratches my itches for these things pretty well.

Next steps